32cm flocked lined Japanese technology vinyl household gloves

PVC gloves originated in the United States and were technologically improved by Japan, which has a 70-year history in the production of PVC gloves. Our products use Japan's most advanced technical processes to ensure uniform thickness and excellent feel of the gloves. During the manufacturing process, we use high-voltage electrostatic technology to implant fine cotton wool into the inner layer of the glove. This process not only provides a certain warmth to the gloves, but also makes the gloves feel more comfortable. You will be able to enjoy the experience of being like a woman’s second skin. Our PVC flocked housekeeping gloves are designed to give you the best housekeeping protection possible. The gloves are made of wear-resistant PVC material, which can effectively protect your hands from scratches and dirt. Whether you're washing dishes, wiping down furniture or cleaning the kitchen, these gloves will provide you with excellent protection. In addition, the gloves also have excellent insulation properties, effectively isolating heat sources, allowing you to operate stoves and hot water with peace of mind. The uniform thickness of the gloves also provides extra grip, allowing you to better control your items and keep you working efficiently.

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1. Made with high-quality PVC material for superior wear-resistance, these plush household gloves are the perfect protective solution for all your cleaning needs. 2. Featuring advanced Japanese technology, these gloves are designed to provide maximum insulation and protection against scratches, dirt, and heat sources, making them perfect for a wide range of household tasks. 3. With their uniform thickness and excellent grip, these gloves are easy to handle and provide a secure grip, giving you the confidence and control needed to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs.The exceptional level of consistency in thickness and an unsurpassed feel that will make you feel like you're wearing a second skin. 4.The excellent insulation properties of these PVC plush household gloves make them a great choice for tasks that involve exposure to heat. You can easily handle hot objects with confidence, knowing that your hands are well-protected.


Q1:What are Japanese Technology Nitrile Flocked Household Gloves? A1:Japanese Technology Nitrile Flocked Household Gloves are high-quality gloves made with nitrile material and fabric lining that provides comfort and durability for a variety of household tasks. They are latex-free, allergy-friendly, and resistant to abrasions, punctures, and chemicals. Q2:How do I choose the right size for me? A2:To choose the right size, you need to measure the width of your palm in inches. Once you have your measurement, refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer to determine your glove size. Q3: What tasks are suitable for wearing Japanese Technology Nitrile Flocked Household Gloves? A3:These gloves are ideal for tasks such as cleaning, dishwashing, gardening, painting, and many other household tasks. They provide a comfortable and durable barrier to protect your hands from harsh chemicals, cuts, and abrasions. Q4: How do I clean and maintain the gloves? A4:To clean the gloves, wash them with soap and warm water. You can also use a disinfectant solution or wipe before and after use. Make sure to air-dry the gloves properly before storing them in a cool and dry place. Q5: Are these gloves reusable? A5:Yes, these gloves are reusable. However, you need to maintain them properly to extend their lifespan. Make sure to clean and dry them after each use and avoid exposing them to extreme temperature, sunlight, or chemicals. Q6:Can you accept OEM order? A6:We are very happy to accept OEM orders, we have rich production experience and professional R&D team, we can provide customers with customized services to meet customer needs. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.


1. Premium quality: Our PVC flocked gloves are crafted using Japan's most advanced technical processes to ensure optimal thickness and a superior feel. 2. Enhanced insulation: Made using high-voltage electrostatic technology, these gloves feature fine cotton wool implantation in the inner layer, providing effective insulation against cold temperatures. 3. Comfortable fit: The carefully designed construction of these gloves ensures a comfortable and snug fit, providing maximum dexterity and flexibility. 4. Versatile use: These gloves can be used in a wide range of applications, including gardening, cleaning, DIY projects, and more. 5. Long-lasting durability: Made from high-quality PVC, these gloves are built to last and can withstand wear and tear, making them a reliable and practical choice for outdoor and indoor use. EG-YGJP23603

Versatile and Practical

This Gloves are a must-have item in any household. They protect our hands from dirt, chemicals and other hazards during our daily chores around the house. Vinyl flocked household gloves, especially those made with Japanese technology, are a popular choice for their superior quality and versatility.The versatility of these gloves lies in their ability to be used in a variety of household tasks, such as washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom or handling food.

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