40cm cotton lined vinyl Cleaning Gloves

The PVC Cotton Integrated Household Gloves are made by sewing the polyester fleece into fabric and covering it with PVC material, which is then baked at high temperatures. The cotton and fleece are integrated to create a one-piece glove, making it easy to wear and providing excellent warmth and durability. These gloves are ideal for household cleaning and outdoor activities in cold weather.

Products Details

Versatile and Practical

40cm Cotton Lined Vinyl Cleaning Gloves can be widely used in cleaning kitchens, laundry, bathrooms and toilets to protect hand skin from chemical contaminants and other harmful substances. Lined with cotton, it absorbs sweat and moisture, keeping your hands dry and comfortable. The 40cm long design avoids splashes of water or detergents and achieves higher hygiene standards. These gloves make cleaning easier while protecting your hand skin from irritation and injury.

Product Features

*PVC and cotton integrated household gloves: These gloves are made by coating polyester fleece with PVC material and then heating it at high temperatures. The cotton and fleece are combined together, forming a one-piece glove. This makes it convenient to wear, while also providing warmth and durability. *Convenient and easy to wear: 16cm wide-mouthed and the one-piece design of these gloves makes them very easy to put on and take off,does not constrict the hands, saving time and effort. This feature is especially useful for people who need to quickly switch between tasks. *Warm and cold-resistant: The PVC and cotton material used in the construction of these gloves provides excellent insulation, effectively protecting your hands from the cold. This feature is ideal for outdoor tasks in colder weather.* High-quality and durable: The combination of materials and production processes used in making these gloves ensures they are both reliable and long-lasting. They can withstand repeated use and heavy-duty tasks, making them ideal for a wide range of household or outdoor activities. * These gloves can be used for a variety of purposes, from cleaning and washing to gardening and DIY projects. The integrated PVC and cotton construction of these gloves means they adapt well to many different situations.

Product Advantages

PVC integrated cotton gloves are gloves made of polyester wool and coated with PVC material through high-temperature baking. These gloves have the advantages of easy wearing, warmth and cold resistance, and durability. Firstly, the gloves are very easy to wear, thanks to their elastic fabric and seamless design. The gloves have excellent elasticity, which makes them fit for different hand sizes. The seamless design ensures that the gloves do not rub against the skin, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods. Secondly, the gloves are very warm and provide excellent insulation against cold. The cotton inner lining of the gloves provides excellent insulation, while the PVC coating on the outer layer blocks cold air and moisture from getting in. This designed ensures that the wearer's hands are warm and dry in cold and damp weather conditions. Lastly, the gloves are very durable and reliable. PVC coating provides an extra layer of protection that makes the gloves resistant to abrasion, puncture, and tear. It also makes them oil and chemical resistant, which makes them ideal for heavy-duty tasks. These features make PVC integrated cotton gloves the perfect choice for people who want a versatile, functional and comfortable pair of gloves. They are ideal for outdoor activities, cold weather, and industrial tasks that require protection against cold, wet, and harsh conditions. They also provide a high level of comfort and ease of use, which makes them very popular among people who need to wear gloves for long periods.




Q1:Are you a manufacture or trader? A1:We are a manufacture of household gloves for more than 15 years. Q2: What is the length of these gloves? A2: The length of this glove is 40cm,but some other lengths are possible. Q3: What are the disadvantage of this gloves? A3: Although these gloves are warm and protective, they are not as flexible and comfortable as the plush and PVC Flocked gloves. So if you are looking for gloves that provide better hand-operating flexibility, you may want to consider our other options.Such like our Flock lined nitrile gloves or PVC gloves with soft lining layer. Q4: Are these gloves waterproof? A4: Yes, the PVC coating on these gloves provides a waterproof barrier, making them ideal for tasks involving contact with liquids. Q5: Can I get some samples before placing order? A5: Sure,we can send you few pairs of gloves as samples by air for checking our quality before placing order,only airfreight should be paid by your side.

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