48cm unlined vinyl household gloves Japanese technology

Get your hands on these 48cm unlined Japanese technology vinyl household gloves that are perfect for any cleaning task. Made with Japanese PVC technology, these gloves are durable and can withstand oil, acid and alkali, making them suitable for harsh cleaning environments.

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1. Highly Durable: Our 48cm unlined Japanese technology vinyl household gloves are made using the best PVC technology from Japan, which makes them resistant to oils, acids, and alkaline. These gloves are built to last long and provide maximum protection for your hands. 2. Ideal for Sensitive Skin: Our gloves are specially designed to offer maximum comfort even for people with sensitive skin. They fit snugly on your hands, making them convenient and flexible to handle. 3. Extended Cuff Design: Our gloves come with an extended cuff design, which helps to protect your sleeves from dirt, dust, or water when performing household chores. 4. Non-Slip Grip: The gloves have a textured surface on the palm which offers a firm grip. You can easily handle slippery objects without the fear of dropping them. 5. Stylish Design: Our gloves come with a fashionable pattern design, and the cuffs have a decorative border that makes them attractive. They are made with an elastic design that ensures they stay firmly on your hands while you carry out your tasks.(插入松紧袖口图案设计图)


1. Infused with Japanese technology, these gloves are perfect for those with sensitive skin. They are designed to provide a snug fit that is comfortable to wear and flexible so that you can move your hands with ease. 2. With delicate pattern designs and extended cuffs, these gloves are not only functional but also fashionable. The cuffs are lined with elastic to prevent them from slipping off during use. 3. The gloves also feature an anti-slip texture on the palm to ensure a firm grip, making them ideal for handling slippery objects. 4. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, pinched fingers and awkward hand positions while wearing other gloves. These Japanese technology vinyl household gloves are designed to mold to the shape of your hand and provide a natural, comfortable fit that lets you move and work unimpeded. Therefore,Whether you're tackling tough stains and spills, or simply looking for an overall upgrade to your current selection of household gloves, these unlined vinyl gloves from Japan are sure to impress, with their superior construction, lasting durability, and unbeatable comfort.

Versatile and Practical

These gloves are versatile and can be used for various cleaning tasks around the house, including washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and handling garbage. EG-YGJP23602

Versatile and Practical


Q1: How are these gloves different from other types of household gloves? A1: Japanese technology vinyl household gloves are manufactured using a special process that enhances their durability and resistance to punctures and tears. They are also free from latex and powder, making them suitable for people with allergies and sensitivities. Q2: What size are the gloves? A2: The gloves are 48 cm in length Q3: What are the gloves used for? A3: The gloves are ideal for use in household chores such as cleaning, dishwashing, and laundry. They can also be used in the food industry for food preparation and handling. Q4: Can the gloves be used multiple times? A4: Yes, the gloves are durable and can be used multiple times. However, it is recommended that they be disposed of after 10 hours of use to ensure hygiene and safety. Q5: Are the gloves easy to put on and take off? A5: Yes, the gloves are designed to have a comfortable and easy fit, with a rolled cuff that makes them easy to put on and take off. Q6: What temperature can the gloves withstand? A6: The gloves are heat resistant up to 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit), making them suitable for use in warm water and hot dishwashing. Q7: Can the gloves be used with chemicals? A7: The gloves are resistant to chemicals such as detergents and cleaning agents, making them suitable for use with household cleaning products. Q8: Are the gloves safe to use for people with allergies? A8: Yes, the gloves are free from latex and powder, making them safe for people with latex allergies or sensitivities.  

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